Partner, Shareholder, and LLC Disputes

Management & Partner Disputes

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Our team of highly experienced and equipped Chicago business attorneys is prepared to offer the benefit of our collective years of experience in helping individuals and businesses protect their long-term interests. If you are involved in a partnership dispute, we encourage you to get in contact with our office at Regas & Dallas P.C.. Our team has the ability and savvy to help our business clients.

Disagreements between partners can disrupt the normal flow of a business, threatening financial loss and damage to the commercial face. By working with a member of our team, you can be confident that we will work to effectively address your needs and advance your interests while prioritizing discretion and quick, effective resolution. We work hard to settle these matters out of court, but if litigation is necessary, you can be confident that our attorneys at Regas & Dallas P.C. are up to the challenge and prepared to defend you aggressively and effectively.

We can help you handle disputes involving:

  • Minority shareholder oppression
  • Corporate governance
  • Buy out
  • Judicial dissolution
  • Fraud
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Franchise disputes
  • Rights to stock ownership
  • Appropriate or inappropriate expenses
  • Securities fraud allegations
  • Asset transfer without proper compensation

More Than 100 Years of Collective Experience on Your Side

Our business litigation firm is located in downtown Chicago and committed to providing fierce, effective representation and high-quality counsel for our clients. We have a reputation throughout the Chicago business community for effective advocacy and superior legal service. You can trust Regas & Dallas P.C. to provide the counsel you need during this time.

If you have a question about a partnership dispute, we invite you to contact our Chicago office in order to schedule your case consultation with a member of our team.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are common causes of partnership disputes?

Partnership disputes can arise from issues such as disagreements over business decisions, financial matters, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and shareholder oppression.

How can a partnership dispute affect a business?

A partnership dispute can disrupt the normal flow of a business, leading to financial loss, damage to the business's reputation, and potential legal ramifications.

What are the benefits of seeking legal assistance for partnership disputes?

Seeking legal assistance can help in resolving disputes efficiently, protecting the long-term interests of the parties involved, and ensuring that the matter is handled with discretion and professionalism.

What is the role of a business litigation law firm in partnership disputes?

A business litigation law firm can provide effective representation, high-quality counsel, and advocacy to address partnership disputes, with a focus on achieving quick and effective resolution while prioritizing the client's interests.

Is it possible to settle partnership disputes out of court?

Efforts are made to settle partnership disputes out of court, but if litigation becomes necessary, experienced attorneys are prepared to defend the parties involved aggressively and effectively.

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