• Very knowledgeable and wonderful
    Bill Dallas has help us so much over the last year. He made the whole process of starting our new business very easy. The whole team is very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with!

    - Elise J.

  • Nice, listened attentively
    I had a complex legal issue relating to Contract Law, which on first glance, there was no good solution. I am an attorney, but I am not a specialist in Contract Law. I contacted Bill Dallas because I understood that he is an expert in Contract Law. Bill took my initial call, was very nice, listened attentively, and the next day, I received an email with the answer that I needed. Bill, and his associate, Nicholas Lacourt, looked at the issue, and found the answer that I needed to proceed and to eventually resolve the issue to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Bill Dallas, Nicholas Lacourt, and their entire firm.

    - Dianne O.

  • Great communication and service
    Bill did an amazing job of guiding me through the process of forming my PLLC, as well as providing me insight and clarity about how to keep myself and my practice safe and thriving. Great communication and service throughout. Highly recommended

    - Scott R.

  • Response was quick and very efficient
    Bill Dallas helped me so much with a former employer, he listened to my concerns, asked good questions and was able to explain things clearly to me. He was able to find a resolution and resolve my problem before the weekend even came! The response was quick and very efficient, I hope I never have to work with an attorney again but if I do, it will be Bill Dallas!

    - Sarah A.

  • Really do care about their clients
    Bill Dallas helped my company, and me, resolve a contentious business issue that had been plaguing us for months. Bill was attentive to every detail, responded quickly to my communications, and secured for us a very satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend Bill Dallas and his team. True professionals who really do care about their clients.

    - Kevin C.

  • My trust and my recommendation
    Regas, Frezados & Dallas has represented me on numerous cases, ranging from real estate transactions to employment contract negotiations. I have worked directly with both Bill Dallas and Steven Dallas, and they have delivered an exceptional result on each occasion. Their experience and strategic approach make them effective in anticipating and navigating negotiations, and they consistently put me in a position of confidence and leverage. RFD has my trust and my recommendation, and they will continue to be my firm of choice for all future matters.

    - Andrew W.

  • Excellent
    Mr. Dallas is an affable professional who assertively handled our case and availed an excellent outcome! I highly recommend him.

    - Pilar T.

  • He has a solution
    I have had the pleasure of working w bill dallas and his legal team for over 15 years

    He has provided legal counsel for me and my family on both personal and business matters

    Whatever the issue, he has a solution

    I highly recommend bill to anyone in need of legal advice.

    - Amarik S.

  • Kind, friendly and competent
    William Dallas is a exemplary lawyer, but moreover a exemplary human being. We contacted William in regards to a frivolous lawsuit a former customer filed against us and our company. We had never been sued before, as such we were panicked, to make things worst, we were having a hardtime securing the right representation, until we found William at the last minute. William quickly took us under his wing, laid out a plan of action for us, and resolved the matter for us in a satisfactory manner within two weeks of our first contact. When your under the gun, it can seem like your whole world is closing in on you, so it was a blessing to find a lawyer kind, friendly and competent . I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thanks William!

    - Sandra B.

  • His team got it done!
    Bill Dallas won our case and he is a pleasure to work with! His team has also helped us with a number of other matters over the years, including a residential real estate transaction that needed a quick close, and his team got it done! I will continue to use Regas, Frezados & Dallas, LLP

    - Ryan L.

  • Bill is the best.
    Bill is the best. He took the time to explain contract definitions to me and counseled me as to how to handle things in a professional way. I strongly recommend Bill's services.

    - David G.

  • Highly intelligent strategic thinker
    Bill Dallas and the entire team at Regas, Frezados & Dallas are exemplary in every regard. I first met Bill during the messy and complex breakup of a partnership that unfortunately resulted in litigation. After two short hours, Bill fully grasped all of the facts and understood the issues at hand. His expertly drafted pleadings immediately let the other side know the severity of their situation. Over the next two years, he steadily increased the pressure on our opponents until they capitulated and agreed to a settlement that far exceeded our expectations.

    Since then, Bill has helped us in many other areas ranging from setting up a new business to estate planning and tax management considerations. Bill is a highly intelligent strategic thinker who is thoughtful and always available for a call when the need arises.

    I highly recommend Bill Dallas & the team at Regas, Frezados & Dallas.

    - George C.

  • Compassion, integrity and sincerity
    We hold Bill and his frim in the highest regards. He showed compassion, integrity and sincerity while resovling our issues and was always available anytime we needed advice. We highly recommend Bill Dallas and his law firm!!

    - Dan C.

  • You will NOT find a better attorney.
    Bill Dallas has been our attorney for both business and personal matters for many years. I cannot say enough about Bill and his firm. He completely shatters any persona of what people may believe about lawyers. He is always there to give me straight forward advice on even the smallest of things and resolves any larger issues efficiently, and professionally. If you are looking for a law firm that puts what is best for you first, and is not all about the price, call Bill. You will NOT find a better attorney.

    - Bob K.

  • Great communicator, reliable, and compassionate
    Bill Dallas is my hero. He selflessly took on my case in a time of personal desperation on my part. Great communicator, reliable, and compassionate, Bill went to bat for me and negotiated a great settlement on my behalf. I couldn't be more pleased. I owe him a debt of gratitude.

    - Alex W.

  • Incredibly helpful
    Bill was incredibly helpful with providing me information regarding a contract breach. He represented me well and helped settle a dispute that would have otherwise dragged on and caused a much bigger headache. I highly recommend you consider William Dallas and his firm for all your legal issues!

    - Mo A.

  • Knowledgeable and has good instincts
    Mr. Dallas is an excellent practitioner in the bankruptcy field (among others). He is knowledgeable and has good instincts in an area where economic realities create limits upon solutions to problems, he excels at getting to the heart of a problem and providing cost effective solutions.

    - Anonymous

  • Diligent and professional
    Bill Dallas excels at commercial litigation. He is diligent and professional. He thoroughly understands the law and the rules of procedure. He is respected by his peers and judges alike.

    - Anonymous

  • Creative, knowledgeable
    As a general civil litigator Bill Dallas is very good. Creative, knowledgeable and willing and able to advocate effectively for his clients.

    - Anonymous

  • Innovative thinking, good judgment & experience.
    Regas, Frezados, and Dallas has represented my company on numerous occasions. They have always delivered outstanding results. Their expertise in negotiation has really paid off. Through innovative thinking, good judgment, and experience, they were able to make deals come together that I thought were beyond salvageable and with better than expected results. Their goal always was to achieve the best result without wasting valuable time through endless litigation. In every case, I felt that my best interests were being kept in mind. The bottom line: if you are looking for a law firm that delivers results and can get the deal done, hire this firm.

    - Mike J.