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Effectively Handling Business & Partnership Disputes

With more than a century of combined experience, our accomplished attorneys at Regas & Dallas P.C. can deliver the shrewd legal counsel and powerful representation you need to protect your business. Our in-depth legal acumen, common sense approach, and creative thinking enables us to provide effective, innovative strategies at a reasonable cost. We believe achieving the most favorable results in the least amount of time is the best way to safeguard your company's best interests.

As a small premier law firm located in downtown Chicago, Regas & Dallas P.C. has been providing high quality legal service to the business and real estate community since 2003. Whether your business requires astute legal counsel to oversee a complex transaction or needs resolute representation during a contract dispute, our experienced Chicago business litigation attorneys offer the assertive advocacy you can trust to defend and sustain your company.

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Powerful Advocacy to Protect Your Business

Any dispute can be disruptive to your company. Projects can be delayed. Valuable time is wasted, and profits may be lost while waiting for resolution. At Regas & Dallas P.C., our Chicago commercial litigation lawyers have successfully managed hundreds of cases, in both state and federal courts. We can deliver the formidable and swift advocacy your business needs to maintain its viability.

We can provide the dynamic representation your company requires for:

Upholding Your Business to Business Transactions

Entering into a contract without proper legal counsel can put your business at serious risk. At Regas & Dallas P.C., our insightful Chicago business lawyers possess the extensive legal knowledge needed to ensure your company's interests are protected during any type of transaction. Whether you are drafting a new agreement, scrutinizing the provision of a future transaction, or need to enforce the terms of a current contract, our firm can provide the perceptive representation your company requires.

We can oversee business-to-business, shareholder, and real estate transactions, including:

Prompt, Diligent Representation From Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Our firm understands your business doesn't have time to waste. At Regas & Dallas P.C., we limit our caseload so we can give your company's legal issues the prompt and comprehensive attention they deserve. We are diligent advocates, and can deliver the immediate and vigorous representation you should expect from your legal counsel.

To learn more on how our Chicago business litigation attorneys can assist you, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Included in Business Law Practices?

    Business law involves and encompasses all types of commercial transactions that involve legalities. In addition, any litigation process or courtroom trial in which one or more parties are business falls under the realm of business law. In short, business law is the legal structure in which businesses function.

  • What Is Civil Litigation?

    Civil litigation involves matters of contract and exchange between individuals and businesses. As opposed to criminal court processes, issues falling under contract law or tort law are addressed through lawsuits in civil courts.

  • What Types of Business Entities Are There?

    There are a wide variety of business entity formats to choose from, including limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), corporations, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, and partnerships.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Business Entity When Forming a Business?

    Our attorneys at Regas & Dallas P.C. can help you make the right choice for your situation. Each business entity type has its own set of rules and regulations concerning taxation, distribution of profits, owner liability, asset protection, and other matters. The best way to make an informed decision is to bring your business plan and other documentation to a competent attorney for counsel.

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