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Every major transaction involving another firm requires careful and thorough due diligence. Whether you are looking to sell your business to a larger company or see an opportunity with another entity, you will need professional and effective legal representation to navigate each phase of what is typically a protracted and highly complex process.

Our Chicago business transaction lawyers at Regas & Dallas P.C. can assist your firm with sales, mergers, and acquisitions. We have handled thousands of cases and provide a full suite of comprehensive legal services that can manage every element of these inherently complex transactions. No matter the scale or complexity of the transaction, our firm has the experience, knowledge, and strategic acumen to efficiently facilitate the deal, ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, and protect your interests.

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Sales, Mergers, and Acquisitions Support

Regas & Dallas P.C. can serve as your legal partner in each step of an acquisition, merger, or sale. We are committed to serving as your strategic advocate and will work closely with you to identify outside-the-box approaches to overcoming regulatory obstacles and other potential disputes.

Our Chicago business transaction attorneys provide the following services:

  • Due Diligence. Before engaging in any major transaction involving business entities or assets, we can draw on our years of business legal experience to perform an exhaustive due diligence study. In our report, we can identify potential benefits, compatibilities, and challenges and advise whether the transaction is in your best interest. Our team is made up of pragmatic thinkers and will be always direct and transparent when evaluating a potential deal.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements. The purchase and sale agreement is the legally enforceable contract that facilitates the wholesale merging of business entities. These enormously complex documents must be carefully drafted, negotiated, and reviewed to meet strict regulatory requirements and protect all parties involved. Our firm can oversee these agreements from beginning to end.
  • Acquisitions and Sales of Assets. We can also assist with the purchase and sale of discrete business elements, such as a piece of intellectual property, a piece of commercial real estate, or a spinoff venture. Depending on the nature and complexity of the asset or assets, these deals can be tremendously complicated and must be carefully managed.
  • Joint Venture Agreements. Our firm can facilitate joint venture agreements that formalize a temporary partnership of two or more business entities to accomplish a specific goal. A joint venture functions as its own business entity and can help you leverage the resources and assets of other firms. However, all participants in the joint venture are liable for any losses resulting from the arrangement. We can draft and negotiate agreements that clearly define your firm’s involvement and obligations in the joint venture.
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance. Completing any acquisition or merger will require overcoming numerous regulatory hurdles. We can assist you with notification provisions, disclosures, registrations, and other mandatory filings. Our firm can also represent before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory authorities that will need to authorize the deal.
  • Ownership and Financial Structuring Guidance. Any acquisition or merger will impact each entity’s ownership, management, and financial structures. We can assist with reorganization efforts that aim to efficiently incorporate merged or acquired teams, executives, and financing sources into existing frameworks.
  • Commercial Real Estate Management. Our firm can assist with all types of commercial real estate transactions, including purchases, sales, and leases.
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiating, and Review. Our team can assist you with the drafting, negotiation, review, finalization, and enforcement of all types of legal agreements. We can assist your firm with the creation and implementation of contracts you will need following a merger, sale, or acquisition, including revised employment agreements, intellectual property agreements, contractor agreements, operating agreements, governing documents, and more.
  • Formation Assistance. If your merger or acquisition involves creating a new business entity, our Chicago business transaction lawyers can help create and register the appropriate corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or partnership.
  • Corporate Records. Records involving the purchase, sale, or merging of corporate entities or assets must be carefully prepared and reported. Our firm can assist firms with maintaining these records and filing them with the appropriate regulatory authorities.
  • Shareholder and Client Notification and Communication. We can oversee all shareholder and client communications involving an acquisition, sale, or merger to ensure messaging will protect your interests and meet all regulatory requirements.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What legal services does Regas & Dallas P.C. offer for mergers and acquisitions in Chicago?

Regas & Dallas P.C. offers a comprehensive range of legal services for mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence, drafting and overseeing purchase and sale agreements, managing acquisitions and sales of assets, facilitating joint venture agreements, providing regulatory compliance guidance, offering ownership and financial structuring advice, handling commercial real estate transactions, and assisting with contract drafting, negotiation, and review. They also provide formation assistance for new business entities and help maintain corporate records, ensuring all communications with shareholders and clients are properly managed.

How does Regas & Dallas P.C. ensure regulatory compliance during a merger or acquisition?

Regas & Dallas P.C. assists with all aspects of regulatory compliance during a merger or acquisition by handling notification provisions, disclosures, registrations, and other mandatory filings. They represent clients before regulatory authorities like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to obtain necessary authorizations for the deal, ensuring that every step of the transaction meets the stringent legal requirements.

Can Regas & Dallas P.C. help with the purchase and sale of commercial real estate in Chicago?

Yes, Regas & Dallas P.C. can assist with all types of commercial real estate transactions in Chicago, including purchases, sales, and leases. Their legal team has the experience to manage these transactions effectively, ensuring that all aspects of the deal are handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

What is the role of due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, and how does Regas & Dallas P.C. approach it?

Due diligence is a critical step in mergers and acquisitions, as it involves a thorough investigation into the business entities or assets involved in the transaction. Regas & Dallas P.C. performs exhaustive due diligence studies to identify potential benefits, compatibilities, and challenges, advising clients on whether the transaction aligns with their best interests. Their pragmatic approach ensures clients receive direct and transparent evaluations of potential deals.

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