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Entering any legal agreement without professional legal review and guidance can put you and your business at risk. Having an accomplished legal representation on your side when negotiating new contracts or enforcing existing agreements can be a tremendous asset.

Our Chicago business contract lawyers at Regas & Dallas P.C. have over a century of combined legal experience and can protect your business’s interests in any type of transaction. Our team can efficiently prepare, negotiate, and review all types of legal agreements and can leverage our extensive legal knowledge and acumen to provide diligent, communicative, and vigorous representation.

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A Full Suite of Contracting Services

Regas & Dallas P.C. can reliably handle all of your company’s contracting needs. We can support you in negotiating new agreements as well as enforcing existing contracts. Our team of skilled litigators can also aggressively represent you in any contractual disputes.

Our Chicago business contracts attorneys can assist you with many types of legal agreements, including:

  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements. Your business must carefully and specifically define its relationship with its employees and independent contractors to help avoid future conflicts. Most agreements of this type will include a thorough job description, a schedule and employment period, details on compensation and benefits, terms of employment, methods of dispute resolution, and any relevant or necessary privacy or nondisclosure clauses. We can work closely with you to determine what elements make sense for your company and implement them in your employment and independent contractor agreements.
  • Nondisclosure Agreements. Many businesses rely on trade secrets and proprietary information to remain competitive. Nondisclosure agreements can help safeguard these sensitive assets and should be signed by employees, independent contractors, vendors, clients, and anyone else that comes into contact with your company’s proprietary materials.
  • Business Formation Agreements and Operating Documents. Our firm can assist entrepreneurs and business owners with forming new ventures. We regularly assist clients with creating partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and more. Creating any type of business entity requires carefully considering the implications of the selected entity type. It also involves drafting and registering the appropriate formation, operating, and governance documents. These contracts will form the organizational foundation of your new entity. We can ensure they are written in accordance with your objectives and meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Joint Venture Agreements. Joint venture agreements allow two or more other businesses to combine resources in pursuit of a common goal. Participants in a joint venture collectively share responsibility for profits, losses, and liabilities, and underlying agreements should be carefully drafted to specify each party’s obligations to the arrangement. We can help explore joint venture agreements and ensure your business’s interests are protected.
  • Indemnity Agreements. In certain types of businesses and environments, indemnity agreements can be necessary to protect your business from tremendous liabilities and losses. We can evaluate your operations, advise what types of indemnity agreements may be necessary, and help you draft, negotiate, and implement the appropriate documents.
  • Commercial Leases and Other Real Estate Transactions. Our firm also offers a full suite of real estate transaction services that can represent your business when purchasing, selling, or leasing commercial properties. We can assist in the preparing, negotiating, and finalizing of commercial leases as well as purchase agreements. We can also help address land use and zoning conflicts.
  • Intellectual Property Agreements. If your business has copyrights, trademarks, or patents that you wish to license for limited use to another party, you will need intellectual property agreements that define the scope of the license, terms of use, and compensation. We can help you prepare, negotiate, and implement these types of contracts and enforce their terms.
  • Sales, Mergers, and Acquisitions. Our firm regularly assists clients with business acquisitions, sales, and mergers of all sizes and complexities. These transactions are inherently complex and are typically subject to heavy regulatory scrutiny. We can perform due diligence on your behalf and oversee all elements of the deal.
  • Partnership Dissolutions. Our firm regularly assists clients with navigating and resolving partnership and management disputes. However, if a business entity has served its purpose or disputes in a partnership become irreconcilable, we can assist you with efficiently and safely dissolving the entity.

If you have additional questions about our contracting services, do not hesitate to contact us online or call (312) 702-1809.

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